The .EUS Internet domain does not make any reference to a specific geographical area, but to a cultural and language community. So the domain is spread across the world with 7.4% of the registrations having been made outside the Basque Country so far. That points to the importance of the domain’s widespread acceptance.

After analysing the data on the registrations made in the Basque Country, it became clear to us that the domain is spread across the Basque Country, but there are significant imbalances between one province and another. These data display greater similarity with the conclusions of the Sociolinguistic Survey and Map produced by the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community and the Euskararen Erakunde Publikoa (Public Institution for the Basque Language) than with the demographic distribution of the provinces, certain exceptions notwithstanding: Navarre, in particular, and the Continental Basque Country, to a certain extent, should have a greater weight.

Chart by Visualizer