In response to a request made by users, Twitter produced a Basque version in 2012 and since then there has been an option to use the Twitter interface in Basque.

UMAP is the website that gathers and filters the activity of Basque-speaking Twitter users. According to it, there were a total of 14,069 active users using Basque in 2016. As far as the tweets are concerned, these active users in the community sent 6,003,534 tweets (2,457,045 in Basque). The number of Twitter users writing mainly in Basque (more than 80% of the content in Basque) has been 2,073, 15% of the total.

Almost half of the Twitter accounts correspond to individuals, of which 66.5% correspond to men and 33.5% to women.

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*Others: messages without language, bilingual messages or tweets in other languages.