When analysing the percentage of domain names that have content in Basque in the main Internet TLDs [1] the .EUS domain clearly stands out as the TLD that uses Basque the most. The presence of Basque is prominent in the .EUS domains. In this case, the number of domains that have no Basque account for 10%, while the number of websites with Basque content is 90%. So the .EUS domain can be said to be the digital “lungs” of the Basque language.

As regards the remaining domains, the presence of Basque on their websites is less than 20% in most cases.  The .ORG domain is the one with the most Basque with 34% of the websites in Basque but in the remaining cases the presence of Basque is very low.

[1] Data on the .EU domain are not included in this analysis.

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