When one looks at the whole registered domain parking by the main TLDs[1] in the Basque Country (.com, .org, .net, etc.) it is apparent that the number of .EUS domains registered today is not very high.

But the special features of the .EUS domain need to be taken into consideration, and on the basis of this, when analysing the market, we focussed on the websites that have some of their content in Basque.

That being the case, when comparing the number of .EUSs with the total number of websites among the main TLDs that have Basque, the presence of our domain can be described as significant, owing to the fact that in the first year it accounts for a third of the websites in the Basque Country with content in Basque.

[1] The .ES, .FR and .EU domains have not been included in this analysis.

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