Apart from the domain name register, another piece of data that has to be taken into account is the activation level of these domain names. In other words, whether the registered domain name has published content or whether it has a website. In the Basque Country a total of 230,000 domain names were registered in 2016, and 136, 351 of them had published some content [1], 59% of them, in fact.

It is clear that .com is the most used among the main TLDs present in the Basque Country both in terms of number of registrations and also in terms of domains that are active. At the other extreme would be the .biz TLD, and most of the .biz domains registered are reckoned to be defensively registered ones. Among the main TLDs in the Basque Country, .EUS is, after .com, the domain that has the highest number of active domains, 58%. That means that the use of the .EUS domain is high among the registrars.

[1] The .EU domains are not included in this analysis

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