In 2012 the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) launched a process to approve new Internet domains. As a result of this process, the .EUS domain was incorporated into the Internet in 2014. In this process the ICANN approved 1,300 new domain names. 783 of them are already up and running; most of them are theme ones and many others are community and geographical ones.

According to a study published recently by the American company Globe Runner, among all these domains .NRW, .SCOT, .BRUSSELS and .EUS are the ones with the highest quality, in this order. The top ten is completed by .BZH, .AGENCY, .WIKI, .FOUNDATION, .TIPS and .TODAY.

Besides, Globe Runner has published the effect that the domains corresponding to communities and territories have in terms of SEO. They analysed 40 domains and the domains that appeared in the first four places in the previous list are the same. So the .EUS is in 4th position in terms of SEO.

The American company Globe Runner, which specialises in SEO and marketing, carried out the study. To do this, over 20,000 well-developed websites based on the new gTLDs (General Top Level Domains) were analysed. They used indicators linked to quality because the aim was to measure the success of the new gTLDs from the quality perspective.

The tool used in this analysis was the Majestic Trust Flow. For further information see:


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