Four languages predominate among the websites using the .EUS domain: Basque, Spanish, French and English. The distribution of these languages can be seen in the figure below, which highlights the fact that Basque (88%) and Spanish (76%) are mostly used in the websites that use the .EUS domain. They are followed by English (50%) and French (12%) with a very small presence, and other languages (12%).

Basque and Spanish are on a par in this distribution and, to a certain extent, that is understandable because most of the websites are multilingual ones and because many of them are located in the Peninsular Basque Country. As can be concluded from these data, most of the .EUS websites are multilingual ones, the main language combinations being Basque-Spanish-English (33% of the websites) and Basque-Spanish (24% of the websites). Only 7% of the .EUS websites are exclusively in Basque.

Chart by Visualizer