Once you have registered your .eus domain, it is time to start using it. If you had another domain on your website and you want to change it to your new domain, these are some guidelines to take into account:  
  Make the change step by step: do not change the domain, server and website all at the same time.  
  Check out the website structure and traffic to identify the most important content.  
  The new domain should not be indexable until migration has been completed.  
  Use Redirect 301 to redirect all the addresses of the old domain to the new one.  
  Update all the links to the old website: in social network profiles, external references, etc.  
  Use Google Webmaster Tools to analyse the evolution of the traffic, to spot the sites in which errors appear and to inform the search engines about the domain change.  
  Keep the old domain for six months, so that the link visibility can move from the old domain to the new one.  

Download guide

  How to migrate your website to the .eus domain. If you would like to read further information about the migration process, we have prepared a guide on that topic.