Mondragon University

As part of the collaboration agreement signed between the Mondragon University and the PuntuEUS Foundation, the members of the following groups can acquire .EUS domains on special terms:

  • Students at the Mondragon University will have a discount code enabling them to register .EUS domains free of charge. The cost-free nature of the domain would be maintained while they are students allowing them to use the .EUS domain for the websites set up for their study projects, personal blogs or leisure purposes.
  • Former students and Mondragon University staff members will be entitled to a 25% discount code to register a .EUS domain.

If you belong to either of these groups, just fill in this form and we will send you the discount code and instructions you will need to register your .EUS domain. When filling out the form you have to choose the registrar with which you want to register. In all of them you can register the domain for free (25% discount if you are former students or Mondragon University staff), but some of them also offer a year of free hosting:

Domain Domain+hosting
Domain Domain+hosting

If you are a member of any of these groups and want to register a domain name,  complete the following form to receive a discount code and instructions: Request a registration code

If you are a member of any of these groups and want to renew your .EUS domain with one of the above registrars,  complete the following form: Request a renewal code