• Besides the web competition, kaixomundua.eus is a pedagogical resource for teachers and students

  • 1.300 students participated in the last edition

Registration of this edition

Registration of the third edition of the kaixomundua.eus competition will be open from September to March. Kaixomundua.eus is an educational project aimed at the school community. By learning to create websites, the aim is to promote knowledge of digital skills and also to promote the creation of digital content in euskara.

Process totally directed to teachers and students

Kaixomundua.eus educational project allows work in the classroom as well as at home, with the only condition of having available a computer with Internet access.

Teachers and students have at their disposal video tutorials which explain how to create the web.

In addition, the project includes material for teachers:

Didactic Unit


Guidelines for Technical Evaluation

Through 14 sessions and 16 activities, the teacher will find guidelines to explain the contents of the project and exercises to put them into practice. In addition, all teaching units include evaluation indicators, evaluation criteria and guidelines about usefulness of technical assessment tools.

Guides creation

In this edition, Kaixo Mundua joins the Gladys Prize, promoted by PuntuEUS and UPV. The aim of the project is to reward young Basque women working in the digital environment, create guides for young people and expand her work along with the memory of computer scientist Gladys del Estal. The selected one will explain to participants her work in the digital field.

Significant data

Kaixo Mundua closed the last edition with the participation of 1.300 students from Euskal Herria. If we take a look at the data, we can observe that the number of registrations has increased. 135 groups delivered the websites that were later evaluated by the jury. In Compulsory Secondary Education, students of La Salle Beasain were awarded by ekoweb.eus project. In the high school, doinuabanda.eus website of the IES Eunate became the winner. In Vocational Training, the prize traveled to Aretxabaleta, at the hands of the authors of arduplay.eus project.

In addition, Kaixo Mundua made its awards ceremony for the 2020-2021 edition for the first time through Twitch. The winners presented their projects in an online format.