• 62 websites were created by the schools Ondarroa BHI, Lekeitio BHI, Arizmendi Ikastola and Egibide students
  • was the winning website

Lekeitio BHI (Secondary School), Ondarroa BHI (Secondary School), Egibide (vocational school in Vitoria-Gasteiz), and Arizmendi Ikastola (Basque-medium school located in the Debagoiena district) were the schools that took part in the pilot project during the 2018-2019 academic year. The teachers Eider Galarraga, Aiora Egiguren, Leire Pikaza, Aimar Cordero, Aitor Ciardegui, Unai Busturia, Iñaki Agirrebengoa and Juan Arbulu were the supervisors of the 240 students involved. Organised into groups, the students managed to produce 62 projects and made 65 .EUS domain websites available over the internet.  

Despite the fact that the projects were of all kinds, most of them approached local associations and retail outlets and produced websites for the associations and outlets that had no digital presence. The judges highlighted the website produced by Edurne Estandia, Itziar Lizarzaburu, Ane Ares, Nahia Segade and Ainhoa Iparragirre of Ondarroa BHI from among all the projects submitted.  

The judges were keen not only to highlight the winners but also to recognise the work of all the groups of youngsters who all received diplomas at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Euskaltel Foundation.  

After analysing the results achieved in the pilot edition and the appraisals received, the first edition of the website competition is due to be launched in September 2019. All Secondary, Sixth Form and Vocational Training schools will be able to take part in the first edition.  

The UEU (Basque Summer University) has organised a Summer Course for any teachers interested in receiving information and training. The course will be held on 27 June on the UEU’s premises in Eibar (Gipuzkoa). is more than just a website competition. is a resource for the education community. The main aim of the education project is to promote knowledge of digital skills in the school community by learning to set up websites.

The students participate in groups and create an actual website. That way they can see that not only can they be digital consumers but digital creators as well and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. In addition, reinforces the training of teachers who need technological training. is a project of the PuntuEUS Foundation. It has been run thanks to the collaboration with the TZBZ co-operative, the sponsorship of Euskaltel and the support of the Basque Government’s Department of Culture and Language Planning and Dinahosting.