The PuntuEus Foundation has developed the educational units of the educational project The goal is to guide and help teachers and students participating in the project throughout the process. is a project aimed at the school community. The objective is to promote the knowledge of digital skills in the school community, learning to create websites, as well as promoting creativity in Basque. The participating students will move from being digital consumers to being digital creators, creating a real web through a motivating work.

Creativity, language and technological knowledge come together in the educational project Students will make real websites about the content they like, making necessary websites in the community or elaborating a mix of contents between different topics.

Students over 12 years of age can participate in Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training.

Registration is open. There are two ways to participate in the project:

1-Learn how to make websites.

2-Learn how to make websites and participate in the contest. (How to deliver websites in the month of March will be explained to participants) is a free project and material used to develop in the classroom under the Creative Commons license.

Characteristics of the educational units

The PuntuEus Foundation has developed three didactic proposals related to Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate courses. 4 of ESO and 1 and 2 of Baccalaureate, as well as those that offer important keys to be used in the rest of the courses in which the project can be developed.


The sequence of activities of the teaching units includes a total of 14 sessions and 16 activities. In them the teacher will find the guidelines to explain the contents of the project and the exercises to put them into practice. In addition, all teaching units include assessment indicators, evaluation criteria and usefulness of technical assessment tools.

The educational units have received the EIMA Recognition from the Basque Language Service of the Department of Education of the Basque Government (Preparation of school material in Basque). offers all resources for teachers and students

Since the pilot edition was inaugurated in 2019, teachers and students have had material available to develop the project in the classroom in the Resources section of the website.

On the one hand, in the starting section of the web design, you can find videos on how to create the web. In them are detailed all the steps, the characteristics that it is necessary to know before creating the web and the necessary knowledge in the development phase, as well as the criteria for the evaluation of the web.

On the other hand, the section Teacher Guide is composed of four downloadable contents. First, the aspects to be taken into account before starting, that is, the reason and direction of the project is the elaboration of the STEAM Euskadi Strategies. Second, the web collects exercises to work on why they are necessary and offers criteria to put in place step the domain, hosting and a WordPress. In the third guide you can find help to perform the technical and academic evaluation. Finally, in the fourth box of materials there are didactic units that complete the section guide of the teachers.