The 1st Basque-Language Internet Day was held at the Katakrak bookshop in Iruñea-Pamplona on May 17, 2016, coinciding with International Internet Day.

Organised by the PuntuEUS FoundationTopagunea and the Euskalerria Irratia radio station, it gathered together numerous representatives in the fields of the Basque language, culture and Internet.

This first edition of Basque-language Internet Day aimed to review the sector, present innovations, discuss the future and to drink to the health of the Basque-language Internet.

So the plan is to follow up this day and celebrate it every year. And that is why the PuntuEUS Foundation has issued a call to gather proposals for location and collaboration purposes. #interneteguna (Internet Day) 2017 will take place on 17 May.

Proposals should be sent to the address no later than 30 November.

PuntuEUS will examine all the offers and by 30 December will inform all those who have sent in proposals about the decision reached.

The criteria that will be taken into consideration when assessing the proposals received are as follows:

  1. Location: The suitability, interest and accessibility of the town/city and venue.
  2. Proposal: The suitability, originality and attractiveness of the proposal for the event.
  3. Infrastructure: The suitability of the technical resources needed to hold the event.
  4. Participation of the local people : Capacity to attract the local people and encourage them to participate.
  5. Attractiveness: The proposal needs to be in line with the PuntuEUS community, be attractive and have the capacity to stand out.
  6. Opportunities for collaborating: Collaboration with local groups.
  7. Budget: List of costs that will need to be covered by PuntuEUS.
  8. Contribution: The contribution that the collaborating organisations can make in terms of organisation, venue, resources or content.

The host’s task

To participate in the organising and dissemination; and to handle the local contacts and management.

Benefits for the host

An opportunity to work actively in support of Basque in the Digital World, to host the main celebration of the Basque-language Internet, and to bring its community together with the local community.  The event and the communicating of it will provide an opportunity to gather people from across the Basque Country together and to publicise local activity. The host group will figure as the organiser.

Puntu EUS’s task

To handle the design, organisation, budget and dissemination of the event.

Further information

PuntuEUS Foundation

Lorea Arakistain-Aizpiri

Tel.: +34 943 085 051