Call For Proposals for the registration of domain name opened to any party which meets the eligibility requirements set forth below.

The Call for Proposals period will end on 15 February.

Call for Proposals


PuntuEUS is opening this call for proposals for the registration of that had been unavailable up until this moment.

These reserved name is being released by the PuntuEUS Fundazioa in order to allow entities that can prove a strong connection with the meaning of the name to register it. Applying entities must describe in their applications the specific details of the project and content they want to develop under the domain name applied for.

Given the specific relevance of this name to the foundational aims of the PuntuEUS Fundazioa, only entities are entitled to apply. The proposals will be evaluated based on criteria of visibility, notoriety, diversity and commitment to the promotion of the interests of the Basque cultural and linguistic community as represented by the .EUS TLD.

Any interested entity in registering any of this domain names must present a proposal at before the deadline specified above.


Proposals presented to register this domain name is expected to contribute to the promotion, development and adoption of the .EUS TLD. To this end, any proposal presented must describe how the applying entity will:

  • Set-up and maintain an active website;
  • Actively use such website to promote the content specified in the application. The website must not redirect to other web pages;
  • Have all or a substantial part of the content published in such website written in Basque, retain the domain name and not transfer it to a third party, unless it is an affiliate of the selected entity.


When evaluating the proposals, the main criteria that will be taken into consideration will be the visibility, notoriety, diversity and commitment necessary to promote the interests of the Basque cultural and linguistic community represented by the .EUS TLD. The domain name shall be awarded to the application that meet these criteria best, taking the following information into consideration:

  •  Visibility: The main domain website being .EUS and actions anticipated to promote the website and make it more visible.
  • Notoriety: Importance of the website in its sector and in the community as well as its degree of influence.
  • Diversity: The website’s target public and degree of dissemination: number of current or anticipated website visits and geographical scope.
  • Commitment: Degree of commitment expressed by the applicant and by the website with respect to the Basque language and Basque culture.
  • Content quality: Influence that the project may exert on the promoting of Basque. Presence of Basque in the content posted, ongoing updating plan and forecast.

The projects submitted in accordance with these criteria will be studied and evaluated by the PuntuEUS Foundation, which shall award the domain name to the projects that fulfil them in the most satisfactory way.


PuntuEUS will review all applications and communicate the final decision to all applicants before 28 February. The selected applications will then be allowed to register the domain names between 1 March and 10 March.


Registration of the domain name specified in this call for proposals can only be in favour of the entity selected by PuntuEUS according to the specifications of this Call for Proposals, and will be conducted with the .EUS accredited registrar of choice of the selected party in the LATE RELEASE phase.

The domain name will initially have no functioning services associated with them (web content, email, etc.) until the Registry reviews the registration. Registry will remove any usage restrictions to valid registrations the day after the registration window specified in the previous section ends.

Registration of the domain name specified in this Call for Proposals by any other party than the one selected by PuntuEUS Fundazioa will be cancelled with no refund.


Initial registration of the domain names specified in this Call for Proposals is set at normal market price. Additional years and renewals will be charged at normal market price.


Please refer to the PuntuEUS General Registration Policy for any information regarding the general .EUS registration terms and conditions.