The PuntuEUS Foundation will donate 10 euros to Seaska for every .EUS domain name registered between 1 and 10 May. So through this contribution the PuntuEUS Foundation is keen to assist in strengthening the presence of the Basque language in the Continental Basque Country. In addition, the PuntuEUS Foundation will be organising various presentation events over the coming days to make the .EUS domain more widely known in the Continental Basque Country:
  • Josu Waliño, the CEO of the PuntuEUS Foundation, will be presenting the .EUS domain at the Elkar retail outlet in Baiona-Bayonne at 18:30 on April 30.
  • In cooperation with the EKE (Institute of Basque Culture), Josu Waliño and Manex Garaio will be giving a talk at the Lapurdi centre in Uztaritze at 18:30 on May 11; the title is: “Why and how to use the .EUS domain”.
Herri Urrats, the festival of the Basque-medium schools in the Continental Basque Country, will be held in Sara on May 10. The aim of this festival is to raise funds, the funding that Seaska needs to assist Basque-medium schools with their work or building projects. Besides tackling the usual needs, this year’s Herri Urrats will have to deal with the needs of the Basque-medium school at Ziburu-Ciboure to find a permanent solution. The PuntuEUS Foundation is keen to assist in this aim and that is why it has prepared a special offer.

The dotEUS domain

The .EUS domain is a top-level Internet domain of the Basque language and the Community of Basque Culture. It seeks to promote the Basque language and Basque culture and to build the Community of Basque Culture. So .EUS is a tool which puts Basque on the same level as other languages, which will assist in the normalisation of Basque and which offers the country of the Basque language international recognition. The .EUS domain project took its first steps in 2007 and the PuntuEus Association was set up in 2008, with the aim of structuring the Community of the Basque Language and Culture. An expansion process took place between 2008 and 2012 and a total of 58 associations and institutions now make up the PuntuEus Association. In 2012, the PuntuEus Association set up the PuntuEus Foundation, which submitted the request for the .EUS domain to the ICANN in May 2012. This request was considered and on 14 June 2013 we were informed that the .EUS domain had been approved. After completing the necessary work to get it going, the .EUS domain has been visible on the Internet since the spring of 2014, although it was not until 3 December 2014 that it was opened up to all users. Right now, 3,500 domain names are registered.