How do I obtain a .EUS e-mail address?

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Since the .EUS e-mail address does not as yet offer free Internet services (like Gmail, Outlook, etc.), if you want a .EUS e-mail address, you need to have a .EUS domain name. That domain name can only be for you, your family, for the company, etc. (If you need help registering your domain name, read the help article entitled What do I have to do to register a domain name?)

E-mail addresses are normally a service purchased together with the domain name and taken out as a separate service. Nevertheless, some registrars also offer e-mail addresses as part of the domain name price. You can see which registrars offer e-mail addresses by checking out the price table on our website. If you don’t want to pay for e-mail addresses, you can register your domain name with one of the registrars depending on the number of e-mail addresses you need. If the number is not sufficient, you can take out e-mail addresses with any of the registrars on the table when you register your domain name. If you decide to purchase e-mail addresses after you have registered your domain name, the most convenient thing to do is to use the same registrar you have used to register your domain name.

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