Will it be possible to apply for any domain name?

In principle, yes. ICANN establishes certain restrictions (states officially accepted by the UN, other territories, domain names with less than three letters and other exceptions). PuntuEus Foundation will reserve some domain names (names of towns and cities, for example, in order to be reserved for the respective city council). Therefore, if the potential domain name is in the list of exceptions, it won’t be elegible. Accents, umlauts and ‘ñ’ will be accepted as characters and, in this way, registering ñ, will automatically register and without any additional cost, both working as if they were a single domain.

Who can apply for a .eus domain?

Anyone can apply for a .eus, as in the case of .com or .org, being individuals or companies/organisations, whatever their geographical origin is. The process to determine whether a domain name should be approved or not will assess the website, not the applicant (more information in question number 5).

What are the requirements for applying for a .eus domain?

There are no conditions to apply for a .eus. Anyone can apply for a .eus.

What are the conditions for using a .eus domain?

The website in question should contain significant minimum content in Basque language, but is can also be displayed in other languages. In case there is no content in Basque language, there must be content related to Basque culture.

How do you ensure everyone meets the conditions?

Periodically we will check if everyone meets the conditions. In case we consider conditions are not fulfilled, the domain owner will be notified by email. If in a established deadline, we do not receive any response and the conditions remain not fulfilled, we will suspend the domain.

If I apply for a .eus domain, do I lose the .com or other domains that I had previously registered?
No, domains are compatible with each other so a single domain name may have multiple domains. This feature requires configuring the DNS.
Who manages .eus?

.eus is managed by the Foundation PuntuEus, a private non -profit entity, open to any person or entity who shows interest.

How much does a .eus domain cost?

The price of a .eus is set by authorized registrars, according to the services they offer. Consequently, several domain registrars can offer .eus at different prices. That price may include more services (.eus e-mail, DNS server management, web space, support, etc.). In any case , the final price of the domains will be established by the registrars. We recommend to analise several offers before choosing a certain one.

As a registrar, we wish to offer .eus to my customers. What should I do ?

Eskerrik asko! Write to

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