PuntuEUS 2021 – 2023

The PuntuEUS Foundation has drawn up its Strategic Plan 2021-2023. The strategic bases and aims for the coming years are laid down in this Strategic Plan, as are the challenges facing the .EUS domain and the Foundation.

The PuntuEUS Foundation has specified the following mission in this Strategic Plan 2021-2023:


To promote the digital transformation of society through the Basque language


By developing this mission, we are aiming to fulfil the vision of the PuntuEUS Foundation as follows:


Making .EUS predominant in the digital sphere of the Basque language


We have identified four strategic challenges to turn this into reality:

    • To increase the offer and use of Basque in the digital environment
    • To measure and promote the digital development of Basque
    • To empower the Basque digital society
    • To improve and adapt the product and service and ensure ongoing innovation
    • To review and disseminate the domain’s value proposition
    • To strengthen customer acquisition and loyalty
    • Optimization of internal processes
    • Guarantee of continuous improvement
    • Brand repositioning
    • Establishing roots in the ecosystem of digital transformation
    • Presence and influence in the international domain sector


And the Foundation’s values are our basis when it comes to tackling these challenges:

  • PRESTIGE: The perception is that what we do we like to do well.
  • COLLABORATION: Collaboration and transparency are our starting point and aim starting with our own structure and in any initiative.
  • BOLDNESS: We are bold when addressing challenges, and innovative in our working methods and outcomes.
  • INCLUSIVITY: The .EUS community is diverse and we accept and promote this quality in a totally natural way.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: As a registry we act responsibly with the domain, our community and its values.
  • TRANSFORMATION: Through our work we impact on the innovation of the Basque language and the .EUS community.
  • KNOWLEDGE: We are experts in the digital environment and share our knowledge.


The following diagram provides an overview of the PuntuEUS Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023:

Diagram that shows the results of the Strategic Plan