PuntuEUS 2020

The PuntuEUS Foundation has drawn up its Strategic Plan 2016-2020 with the participation of the community. The strategic bases and aims for the coming years are laid down in this Strategic Plan, as are the challenges facing the .EUS domain and the Foundation.

The PuntuEUS Foundation has specified the following mission in this Strategic Plan 2020:

To make the Basque language valid, useful and visible in the digital world

through the .EUS domain


By developing this mission, we are aiming to fulfil the vision of the PuntuEUS Foundation as follows:

Basque as a first-class language in the digital environment


We have identified four strategic challenges to turn this into reality:

  • DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT: To strengthen Basque use in the digital environment
  • DOMAIN: To turn the .EUS domain into the number 3 domain in the Basque Country
  • COMMUNITY: To achieve a broader, bigger and more lively community
  • BRAND: To make .EUS the leading reference in the Basque Digital Environment

And the Foundation’s values are our basis when it comes to tackling these challenges:

  • COURAGE: Courageous when tackling challenges and innovative in working methods and results
  • COMMITMENT: Committed towards Basque and the people of the Basque language
  • COLLABORATION: Starting with the structure and in any initiative so that collaboration and transparency can be turned into the starting point and aim.
  • INCLUSIVENESS: The .EUS community is diverse and we need to get this characteristic accepted and promoted naturally
  • PRESTIGE: We have to ensure a successful outcome in whatever we do

The following diagram provides an overview of the PuntuEUS Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2020:

Diagram that shows the results of the Strategic Plan