.EUS domain

.EUS Domain is the top level domain for the Basque Language and Culture Community


.EUS domain is a tool that holds Euskara on the same level than other languages, that will help in the normalization of Euskara and that provides an international recognition for the country of Euskara.



  • Part of the web must be in Basque Language or make communications in that language
  • The website should talk about Basque culture or promote it
Why .EUS ?
  •  expresses identity: the nature of the community of the Basque language and culture.
  • It is a domain that brings us closer to the market and the customer, so that we can sell in the customer’s language and express the quality certificate of Basque companies.
  • It helps in adapting to the new rules for search engines and is useful for identification purposes.
  • It protects brands so that no unauthorised use can be made of them.
Who is it for?
  • Organisations
  • Associations
  • Companies
  • Private individuals



EUS domain project was born


The PuntuEus Association was created in order to provide the backbone to the Basque Language and Culture Community


The PuntuEus Association underwent an extension proccess, which increased to 58 the number of entities within backing the project


The PuntuEus Association founded the PuntuEus Foundation, which applied for the .EUS domain in front of ICANN

June 14, 2013

Once it passed the evaluation, the .EUS domain was approved

Spring 2014

The .EUS domain is visible on the Internet

June 28, 2014

92 pioneer entities online

Autumn 2014

.EUS launch phase

December 3, 2014

.EUS general opening